Adventurers assemble, your dream trip awaits


It is a Namibian dream we live! Gumbi Safaris Namibia is best for small group tours, offering scheduled accommodated guided safaris, self-drive safaris, and for the adventurous traveler, we provide greater value with guided camping safaris.

Our adventures take you to places you never imagined, where you’ll meet different cultures, people, animals, and, most importantly, leave you with an unforgettable message. Gumbi Safaris Namibia is not here to compete with the big league players but to enjoy your journey to be the best among the best in our own unique and innovative way.

Gumbi Safaris is known for excellent service and strives to improve the livelihoods of vulnerable individuals and communities through sustainable travel experiences.

We have understood the importance of nature, and we take full advantage of the course, making us unique with our special tours. We disconnect you from this fast technology world to reconnect you to yourself, and only Mother Earth can do that for us. We call our tour ‘Gumbi Home Away from Home’.

Gumbi Safaris

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